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"Because I Love You"…How many times have you said that to your child
before or after  taking  a disciplinary action? 

  I am Dennis Poncher, i.a.n./l.e.s.l.i.. My credentials
after my name belong to my son and daughter whom I consider my degrees of parenting education.
Due to these two degrees and the negative behavior of my two teenage children, I created the internationally recognized Parent and Youth support groups known as
in March of 1982.

   In late September of 1981 I lost my wife of seventeen years to her on-going battle with Juvenile Diabetes. At the same time I lost my business, my automobile and most of my life savings. On the way to my wife’s funeral I was informed by my 15 year-old daughter, "Daddy I'm Pregnant"(which is the title of my new book now available on shop). Pleases also check out my Blog for reviews on my current book.  Two weeks later, my 13 year-old son was expelled  from school and I soon learned he was addicted to marijuana .  My failed suicide attempt and a daughter who chose to runaway for eight years, with no idea where she was or even if she was, caused my urgency for support. As a single father,
I got tired of hearing responses from my children such as:

 “It is my life and I can do what I want”

“You don’t understand me”

“My teacher hates me” 

“Why can’t you be like my friend’s parents?”

“That’s not my bong; I am keeping it for my friend”

“School is boring”

“I hate you”

“Our generation is different then yours”

“It was not my fault”

“I ran out of gas”

And the one that hurt me the most:

“I wish you had died instead of mom”

So what were my resources for support?

My friends had perfect children and my family thought it was my fault. I was told by a therapist, I was wasting her time and my money because my children were  manipulating us both. I needed a place to lessen my crisis with other parents who would not judge or blame but would listen and suggest. I quickly learned that Pain is Inevitable  when raising children but it is the Suffering that is Optional.

With the opening of my first B.I.L.Y. group, the light

at the end of the tunnel was no longer a train.  I was now on a new course that would set me in the direction of a personal success with my own children. This ultimately led to thousands of major success stories with other families throughout the country. Many of these stories are depicted in my second publication
  From Aggravation  to Preservation


I have been an invited guest on The Oprah Show, Montel, Geraldo, Dennis Prager,

Dr. Laura and Good Morning America just to name a few. Also  I have spoken at various

conventions including  a Mental Health Expo in Alabama, many schools, churches, temples,

Community awareness programs and P.T.S.A.meetings around the nation and in Canada.  I

served as a Panelist/Debater on several media venues and am available as a Keynote

Speaker on Parenting Skills.  My presentations are entertaining as well as informative.


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